Smart Energy Products

Smart Energy provides everything you need for a healthier HVAC unit. Our Smart Chip and liquid solution will make your unit last longer and work more efficiently, saving you money from the moment it's installed.

What is a Smart Energy Chip?

The Smart Chip technology solves a universal problem associated with HVAC cycles: running fan times, based on internal data (and not from the thermostat alone).

Performance tests discovered that thermostats are not programmed or designed to regulate how long a fan should run, so it only sets a default.

It doesn't factor environmental conditions or internal temps to measure how long the fan should run after a cycle has completed.

This is where the Chip tech comes into play.


Smart Energy Chip

The Smart Chip factors environmental conditions as well as internal temps and then controls how long a fan should run after a cycle, to ensure that the end users receive ALL the benefits of the HVAC cycle, elongating the time before another cycle begins. Without the Chip the unit needs to cycle more in a day, because the air handler is not tailored. This is very important to understand. Without altering the lifestyle of the end user, we can significantly reduce the kWh demand from the HVAC system, thus lowering the kWh on a monthly basis.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels.

As our most popular option for residential solar panels, we’ll consider the orientation, age, and size of your roof to customize a solar design that optimizes your production. Consider an Energy Audit to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money before your installation.

Our solar projects balance efficiency and beauty. We want you to see the return on your investment as well as enjoy the beautiful, clean edge of a sleek, modern system that your neighbors will be inspired by. We want to increase your curb appeal as we install your residential solar system and make you proud to say “We’ve gone solar”!

Smart Liquid

The liquid injection technology solves another universal issue - Oil Fouling. This oil fouling arises because the compressor oil builds up on the metallic walls of the refrigeration tubing, reducing the heat transfer from the refrigerant to the walls of the refrigerant tubing. Oil fouling causes even the newest of HVAC system to reduce in capacity. They estimate that within the first year of operation a new HVAC system drops in its capacity to operate by 7%. By year 2, its down another 5%. And each year after that, between 2-4% reduction. A 5 year old HVAC system is operating at an 80% capacity. (Which means more cycles each day).


Key Talking Points

  • An active HVAC unit accounts for 25-55% of a home's electric bill

  • HVAC systems are notorious energy wasters

  • New and Old HVAC systems have two universal problems:

    1. Oil Displacement (it gets in all the wrong places

    2. Air handler fans don't run properly

  • Smart Energy's technology cures and fixes both universal problems


  • Cleaner running system

  • Extends the life of the unit

  • Cooler air blown due to a cleaner system

  • Fan blower lasts longer / customized to each cycle

  • LESS ENERGY USED ON A MONTHLY BASIS (without changing the lifestyle of the end user)

Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

If you are considering residential solar panels and you have a smaller roof, excessive shade, or a northern orientation to your roof, a ground mount solar system can be an excellent option. Your system size will be less restricted and give an alternative orientation for your best energy production.

Installing technologically advanced electrical equipment takes expertise and care. With decades of combined experience and a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional on staff, we will ensure that you get the best value, high quality products, and award winning customer service from start to finish.