REA Solar Solutions' Green-Lease Program!

What is a Green Lease?

Green Lease from REA Solar Solutions is different than anything currently offered in the industry. Have you looked into going solar in the past but were put off by high monthly prices, total system costs of over $100,000.00 or was your credit or income not up to par for the solar bank?

At REA Solar we understand that you are more than your credit score. We believe that access to clean, affordable, renewable energy should be accessible and affordable to all humans.

Key Features of REA Solar Solutions' Green Leases

In-House Financing

We finance all Green Lease systems in-house. Meaning you aren't paying the 30-42% "Dealer Fee's" the Solar Banks are all charging right now.

Rent to Own Without Taking Out a HUGE Loan

REA Solar Solutions' Green Leases is a Rent-to-Own lease program and you aren't taking out a large loan for it. It will not reflect on a credit report, debt to income etc

Immediate cost reduction

With our extremely low pricing, solar is no longer a "long term investment" the majority of our Green lease customers see an IMMEDIATE reduction in monthly costs

Government Incentives

Most people know that solar installations qualify for a 30% Federal Tax credit in the US. Unfortunately, if you don't pay Federal Taxes(retirees, disabled, etc) these tax credits are worthless to you. We, as a company can obviously use tax credits and with our Green Lease we assume those tax credits that may be useless to you and pass the savings on like you put it towards the system, maximizing your profits.

Why Choose a Green Lease from REA Solar Solutions?



Our install crews across Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Illinois have installed thousands of systems since 2016.We know the areas, know the industry and have a great working relationship with most local utility companies.

Commercial or Residential

Our Green Leases are available in either a commercial or residential capacity!


Environmental Stewardship

Shape a sustainable future with a Green Lease that champions responsible practices. Make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of eco-friendly and forward-thinking leasing solutions.

Financial Benefits

Experience cost savings for up to 50% or MORE. Seize the opportunity to join incentive programs. Our solutions not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to your financial well-being.


Get Started with a Green Lease from REA Solar Solutions

Ready to make a significant impact on your business and the environment? Contact REA Solar Solutions today to explore our Green Lease options and learn how we can tailor them to meet your unique needs.