Backup Power Options

We understand the importance of uninterrupted energy supply, and that's why we present three major battery systems – SolarEdge, Bronco, and Franklin. Explore the future of reliable, sustainable energy solutions with Renewable Energy Advisors Inc.


SolarEdge Home Battery

With record-setting efficiency, a faster installation, and industry leading quality and reliability, the SolarEdge Home battery works as part of an integrated ecosystem to deliver more power, hour after hour.

- Run power-hungry appliances like HVACs and pool pumps with 5kW continuous power, 7.5kW peak.

- Longer outage protection - 9.7kWh of storage per battery, stackable up to three per inverter.

- Be ready for the storm with Weather Guard, a feature in my Solar Edge designed to automatically charge your battery when severe weather is detected.

Comes in 10, 15, 20 and 30kwH.

SolarEdge Home Rate Saver configuration offers a battery-only solution that is ideal for time-of-use markets such as NEM 3.0 in California.

Store energy during the day and use it during the evening when power is more expensive. Save up to 38% in upfront hardware costs compared to systems with backup.

Faster, easier battery installation – no essential loads panel, backup system, main panel rewiring.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels.

As our most popular option for residential solar panels, we’ll consider the orientation, age, and size of your roof to customize a solar design that optimizes your production. Consider an Energy Audit to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money before your installation.

Our solar projects balance efficiency and beauty. We want you to see the return on your investment as well as enjoy the beautiful, clean edge of a sleek, modern system that your neighbors will be inspired by. We want to increase your curb appeal as we install your residential solar system and make you proud to say “We’ve gone solar”!

Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

If you are considering residential solar panels and you have a smaller roof, excessive shade, or a northern orientation to your roof, a ground mount solar system can be an excellent option. Your system size will be less restricted and give an alternative orientation for your best energy production.

Installing technologically advanced electrical equipment takes expertise and care. With decades of combined experience and a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional on staff, we will ensure that you get the best value, high quality products, and award winning customer service from start to finish.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels.

Designed to meet homeowners’ future needs today, Franklin Whole Home goes well beyond the demand for safe, reliable back-up.

Our powerful performance stems from integrating the highest AC battery capacity with the industry’s most intelligent controls.

1.) aPower battery with built-in advanced inverter.

2.) aGate control system interfaces between the grid, the loads, the generator and the solar system.

3.) FWH App allows for seamless monitoring of your whole home energy.


Model Year
Connection Type (AC or DC)
Total Capacity
Usable Capacity
Power: Peak
Power: Continuous
Depth of Discharge
Roundtrip Efficiency


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The key characteristics of a battery are the power output, usable capacity and efficiency with which it stores and discharges electricity. Other characteristics, like the chemistry of the battery, help to determine how effective it is at storing electricity.


Bronco Backup System

A game-changer for small businesses and homeowners, the
Bronco Power Boost is designed to provide uninterrupted backup power to essential equipment in the event of an outage. The clean, quiet, and compact battery unit is wall mounted either indoors or outdoors.

Charged by grid power, it turns on automatically upon sensing an outage to power devices for 32 to 96 hours, depending upon the load and configuration. Bronco’s time-of-use feature allows customers to set a timer and automatically switch power over to the Bronco and save money on their utility bills during peak usage.