Goal Zero

Goal Zero isn’t just a company, it’s a business created by people who live life to the fullest. Inspired by passion for adventure, respect for the planet, and a humanitarian heart - we take both our work and our play seriously and are proud to provide the most innovative solar products on the market.

About Goal Zero

A global leader in clean, consumer power solutions created the portable power station category in 2009, following a humanitarian mission to bring sustainable energy to those in need.

Since then, it has evolved its clean power solutions to meet expanding customer needs from emergency outages at home to professional and outdoor recreation needs at the campsite, tailgate, worksite, or off-grid events.
Our solar panels, power stations and accessories allow you to power anything, anywhere.

12 kWh Haven Home Backup

This long-lasting home backup solution provides approximately 12,000 watt hours of power and the ability to backup 10 circuits in your home—making emergency power outages much less stressful.

Equipped with a Yeti Pro 4000, two Yeti Pro Tank Batteries, Haven 10 transfer switch, and mounting plate.

20 kWh Haven Home Backup

With its 20,000 watt hours of power and capacity to backup 10 circuits, this durable home backup system significantly reduces the stress associated with unexpected power outages.

Equipped with a Yeti Pro 4000, four Yeti Pro Tank Batteries, Haven 10 transfer switch, and mounting plate.

Whole Home Backup Features

Yeti Pro 4000


The Yeti PRO 4000 handles heavy-duty appliances with ease and powers more for longer thanks to its next-generation efficient inverter technology. It comes with 3,600 watt power out and 7,200 watt surge, and has 80% more power than our previous generation products. Run almost any home appliance, aside from air conditioning.


Upgraded LiFePO4 battery technology gives this power station an incredible 4000+ cycle lifespan with over 10 years of daily use. This reliable power station is guaranteed with a 5-year warranty so you can count on it when you need it most.


The Yeti PRO 4000 offers over 3 times the charging speed of previous generation products. It has 1800 W AC power in to charge from 0% to 80% in 2 hours and 3,000 W solar input to charge from 0% to 100% in under 2 hours while you're off grid.

Yeti Pro Tank Batteries

Modular Scalability
Not sure how much power you need? Not a problem. Get one or two expansion batteries now. When life changes, the modular design makes it easy to add more power.

Increased Capacity
The Tank PRO 4000 has increased capacity over older models so you can power more for longer. Since it’s easy to add on more expansion batteries, you can get enough power to keep your home running for days on end.

Easy Integration

The Tank PRO 4000 nests snugly with the Yeti PRO 4000 to build out your home backup system. Once connected, the two devices function as one unit and charge and drain together.

Long Lifespan

Improved LiFePO4 battery tech gives the Tank PRO 4000 a 800% longer lifespan than our previous generation expansion batteries. When you add one to your setup you get high-capacity, reliable backup power that will last for years.

Haven 10 Transfer Switch

Customized Backup During Outages
Installing the Haven 10 with your Yeti PRO 4000 gives you power for essential circuits during an outage

Cover 10 Essential Circuits
The Haven 10 can back up as many as ten 120 V circuits in your home. You get to choose which circuits are backed up—common options include Wi-Fi routers, refrigerators, family room outlets, and kitchen outlets.


Instead of hauling your Yeti PRO around the house to power devices one at a time during an outage, leave it in one spot connected to the Haven 10 for power throughout your home.

Automatic Power Switching

When grid power goes out, the circuits connected to the Haven 10 will switch to using power from the Yeti PRO in less than ten milliseconds! Just make sure your Haven 10 is connected to the Yeti PRO and that your switches are set to "GEN". It switches over so fast, you might not even realize the grid went down!

Pro Solar Generators

What is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators use a Yeti Power Station and a solar panel to provide essential backup power. It's that simple. Two products that, combined, make up a solar generator. Our solar generators are portable, and they provide clean energy to recharge our devices or power our homes, RVs, vehicles, boats, and, on occasion, crock pots at that apres-ski tailgate.


The Yeti PRO 4000 is a powerful source of home backup power. Get even more power out of it by choosing this solar generator option. By connecting your power station to solar, you get an indefinite source of power that will last you through longer power outages and help you enjoy life off-grid.

The Nomad 400 is designed to be easy to take with you, whether you’re overlanding, camping, or setting up in the backyard during a power outage. It’s lightweight and folds down to be more compact—plus it includes a shoulder strap and carrying handles.

400 Watts of foldable solar.